Diet & exercise genetic testing

You may have read in the papers today that gene testing is set to revolutionise cancer care. It is hoped that cancer patients are offered DNA tests to provide information that can guide highly personalised treatment, in terms of which drugs to use and how to administer them. For example, genes can predict if a woman with breast cancer might respond to certain drugs, or whether radiotherapy is likely to shrink a tutor.

However, you may not know that nutritional genetic testing is already available, on a private basis. I use genetic testing to guide my diet and lifestyle recommendations for clients. Each of us has our own unique genetic variations. The instructions that our genes give to our cells is influenced by the food that we eat and lifestyle that we live. This explains why different people can eat the same diet yet experience very different effects from that diet. Therefore, understanding your genetic variations is a key success factor in determining the best diet and exercise strategy for you.

If you would like to know more, please visit my website,, or call me 07484 151419 to discuss.



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