Mark Hyman’s 10 tips for optimum health

Dr Mark Hyman is the current chairman of the Institute of Functional Medicine in America. Here are his ten tips for “boosting your mitochondria”, which means to us, good health and longevity.

1. Eat to balance your blood sugar. (This topic is a book in itself)

2. Eat protein with every meal.

3. Increase your intake of Omega 3 fats (Eat oily fish, nuts & seeds)

4. Eliminate flour products.

5. Find ways to relax and de-stress everyday.

6. Exercise and build muscle.

7. Eat foods with phytonutrients, i.e. fruits & vegetables with lots of different colours.

8. Consider supplements that protect and boost your mitochondria (the fundamental energy-producing parts of each and every cell) like Carnitine, Lipoic Acid and Resveratrol.

9. Avoid environmental toxins, i.e dump the chemicals in your house and go organic.

10. Learn how to detoxify from those toxins.

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